A friendly island, with sweeping sandy beaches, busy nightlife and plenty of history and culture, Kos appeals to a wide range of holidaymakers.


The second-largest of the Dodecanese islands – after Rhodes – Kos is a justified and popular choice for a guaranteed sunshine beach holiday. The sandy coastline in the east and south of the island widely caters for family fun with a huge choice of friendly resorts, water-based activities, restaurants, bars and tavernas.


Away from the coast, Kos is a relatively low-lying island, making cycling a very popular activity. There are plenty of bicycle rental outlets and dedicated routes and paths.


With an all-year average of 25°C, the summer months are hot and dry and rainfall virtually non-existent. May and October are good months to visit with warm, sunny days and cooler nights.


Kos also boasts some of the best archaeological sites to be found in the Mediterranean, such as the 3rd century ruins of Asklepieion, dedicated to the Greek god of healing, or the Castle of the Knights in Kos Town. The capital blends beach resort with historic sites where ancient Greek columns and Roman street mosaics are pitted against lively tourist bars and open-air nightclubs.

For many though, it's the long, sandy beaches that make a holiday to Kos so appealing with day trips by boat to nearby Turkey a very popular holiday excursion.


As such a popular holiday island, Kos is spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation. Most of the bigger resorts such as Psalidi Beach can be found on the east coast near to Kos Town, but quieter resorts are to be found on the island’s northern fringes.