Nestled in the north of Greece near the Halkidiki peninsula, it’s no surprise that so few have heard of one of Greece’s greenest and most gentle islands.


Thassos lies just a few miles from the mainland and boasts enviable sandy beaches and a forested mountain interior. It’s been a popular holiday destination for locals for a while but despite becoming more well-known, is still relatively inexpensive by Greek-island standards.


Although Thassos doesn't have its own airport it is still one of the easiest Greek islands to get to, close to the major mainland airport of Kavala and having a regular daily car ferry service to the island throughout the year.


As one of the most northerly of the Greek holiday islands Thassos’ climate is cooler than most especially at night. Temperatures average 27C in July and August then ease off to 25C in September. Unlike other Greek islands, Thassos is not swept by sea breezes and sea temperatures hover around 20C.


As a quieter island, Thassos is something of a hidden gem and its extensive carpeting of pine trees have led to its being called the 'Emerald Isle' of Greece. Sandy beaches are dotted all around the coast with the best in the south and east as well as many delightful coves found off the beaten track.


Thassos is favourite of families looking for a beach holiday with an authentic Greek flavour. The large bay at Golden Beach is the most popular destination but good beaches are found all around the coast. Limenaria, in the south, has four good beaches while less crowded resorts lie both east and west with good sands and beach facilities.


The island was once among Greece’s richest and this is reflected in the excellent Byzantine architecture, temples, monasteries and historical sites. The archaeological museum in the capital – Thassos – is among the best in all the islands.