8 reasons to enjoy a winter sun holiday

Has this short spell of cold weather in an otherwise very warm summer got you absolutely dreading winter? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone! Winter holidays to top beach destinations in Europe have long been popular with those who just can’t stand the cold, the rain, and the dark nights; and long for sunnier shores, brighter skies and warmer climates.


Still not completely convinced? Take a look at our eight reasons to enjoy a winter sun holiday this year!


1. It’s better value for money

European beach holidays tend to be much cheaper in the winter than in the summer. From late October to March, save money on flights, accommodation and even drinking and dining.

2. The weather is warmer 

It may not be as hot as the summer months, but weather in Europe’s best beach destinations is still a lot warmer in winter than it is in the UK!


For example, average daily temperatures in October include a more than pleasant 23°C in the Algarve and a lovely 22°C in the Canary Islands. Spain’s Costa del Sol experiences 325 days of sunshine a year, and Cyprus still reaches average highs of 17°C in January.


To put this into perspective, the UK’s hottest month is July, where the average daily temperature is 18°C. The average number of sunny days we experience is just 60.

3. You can save on luxury accommodation

Is that 5 star hotel you have been dying to stay at just a little out of your budget from April-October? Chances are, it’ll be a lot cheaper November-March, as demand is a lot lower! You can save big on even the most luxury hotels and enjoy huge discounts in the winter. 

4. It's probably cheaper than staying at home

With the cost of living affecting most people this winter, it’s very tempting to escape the doom and gloom (and sky rocketing bills) by jetting off to sunnier shores. In fact, it's been estimated that, for the average household, it will be cheaper to spend 6 weeks in the Algarve than stay at home for the same amount of time.

5. The resorts are quieter

Prefer peace and quiet over hustle and bustle? Even the more popular and busy resorts tend to be quiet in the winter. Perfect if you want a relaxing break away from it all.

6. You can stay as long as you like

Better value for money means that longer holiday durations are much affordable. If January makes you miserable, then who says you have to stay here?! Spend the entire month on the Costa del Sol for as little as £599pp.

7. There's more availability

In winter, the top flights and hotels are much easier to come by. You don’t have to worry about your favourite hotel selling out or the best flight times not being available – 3am airport wakeup calls are a thing of the past!

8. Save up to £80 off your winter sun holiday when you book with us

Plus, secure your holiday by paying a deposit of just £60pp today!

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