Dawson & Sanderson internal business update

On the 26th of April, Dawson & Sanderson closed a large proportion of their retail shops in order to ensure as many members of the team as possible could attend the Internal Business Update event.


The entire day was organised in partnership with Jet2, who kindly funded the day as they recognised the importance of getting everyone across the business together in one room.


This was an opportunity to encourage employees, directors, managers, and partners across the business to work together, share ideas, and learn more about the future plans for the company.


There were 130 attendees in total, representing all divisions of the business including the family, shareholders, and partners.


Annelene speech at business update day final


The business update was a huge success despite starting off quite slowly as attendees were apprehensive, so to get the ball rolling Managing Director, Annelene Hutton, gave an update on the business and the journey so far.


The main focus of the event was to show that the company is all about people and the importance of including all team members in future plans for growth and expansion.


One of the main topics of discussion was the pay and bonus structure as the cost of living crisis is continuing to have an impact on everyone in the UK. Since the internal business update event, the Dawson & Sanderson Board of Directors has listened to the needs of the team and increased base pay by 7%.


Rob Elliott interview final 2


The event included a business update from Jet2 who discussed opportunities for the business to grow, and guest speaker Pete Graves from Sky Sports News who interviewed Rob Elliott from Gateshead FC. As Dawson & Sanderson is the Official Travel sponsor for the 2023/2024 season this interview provided more insight into the future of the partnership with the club.


Alan Cross Jet 2 final 2


The first half of the event concluded with an interview with Annelene Hutton, in which Alan Cross quizzed the MD about the business and its future, before giving the entire room the opportunity to ask questions.


After a much-needed break over drinks and canapes in the gallery, the evening session commenced which included a dinner service, singing waiters, a live band, a DJ, and even a dance-off between teams!


Singing waiter at DS event final 2


Managing Director, Annelene Hutton, said, “We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the event from all of our branches, it was great to get everyone together and discuss the bright future ahead of Dawson & Sanderson. We also need to say a big thank you to Alan Cross, Pete Graves, Rob Elliot, and the Jet2 team for helping to ensure the event ran seamlessly and everyone was involved throughout!”


The company received great feedback from attendees and plans to hold another event towards the end of 2023.