Our commitment


Here at Dawson and Sanderson we love our holidays. They allow us to explore, relax and recharge ourselves. They lead to amazing memories that we can cherish forever. We must also now do our bit to help create a safe, sustainable future for our planet.


While technologies are not yet available to make any holiday 100% carbon emission free, we can take steps to partly address the impact that our choices have on the environment.


That’s why on our path to sustainability we have already planted over 40,000 trees in Northumberland. Going forward, for every Dawson and Sanderson packaged holiday sold, we will now plant a tree completely free of charge. We will also actively seek involvement in new projects, such as solar energy farms. All of our unused brochures are recycled and we have reduced our customer paperwork by over 60% by going digital. Our old and unused uniforms are donated to an international charity which work to build a greater future for the people of Ghana.


While we are aware that carbon offsetting is not a long term solution, we believe it currently represents the best way to compensate for the impact of carbon emitted by a holiday.


We have joined forces with Trees4Travel who work tirelessly to reduce emissions created by the travel industry by supporting reforestation projects in many of the world’s forests.


Who are Trees4Travel?


Trees4Travel work with companies across the travel industry to offset carbon emissions through selected reforestation projects around the world. It also invests in renewable energy projects, such as solar farms.


When you book a Dawson & Sanderson packaged holiday with us, we will work with Trees4Travel to ensure a tree is planted on your behalf. 


Why have we chosen Trees4Travel as one of our sustainability partners?


There are many CO2 offsetting programs out there, but it can feel a bit like throwing a coin into a wishing well, without really knowing what actually happens to that coin. Trees4Travel offers complete transparency and offers that connection between the traveler, their trees and their impact. Trees are tangible, understandable and affordable - something that we can all see, be proud of and watch grow. 


By planting trees in developing countries, Trees4Travel then also help to restore ecosystems, biodiversity and support local communities through the dignity of employment. Reforestation will help reverse climate change, but trees can sometimes be fragile and take time to grow, so to ensure we remove carbon emissions immediately, the team always assigns each tree with a share of a United Nations (CER) certified emissions reduction where Trees4Travel simultaneously invest into renewable energy projects, essentially doubling its promise and verifying the CO2 removal claim.

To work efficiently, Trees4Travel carefully select and try to focus on one forest of around 70,000 to 100,000 trees at a time. 


Once the tree planting project is underway, Trees4Travel will update us on progress. To ensure that the forest continues to be well maintained, the team will provide photography and video footage that we will share with you, so you can see how the forest is growing. 



T&Cs: Working in partnership with Trees4Travel, we will plant a tree on your behalf when you book a Dawson & Sanderson packaged holiday. A Dawson & Sanderson packaged holiday refers to any holiday booked and registered to our ATOL. For tour operator package holidays where we act as an agent on your behalf, CO2 offsetting can be added to your booking for a small fee. Please ask for details with your agent when booking.